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Thermal Modeling

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With so much focus on reducing energy demands and increased enforcement on stringent energy codes on new construction, determining the energy performance on windows, doors, curtain walls, and other fenestration products is critical to consumers, manufacturers, builders, and architects who rely on product thermal performance to save energy. W.J. Higgins and Associates has on staff a NFRC approved certified simulator to produce or evaluate thermal performance values on fenestration products to ensure products can meet industry expectations.

Value of Thermal Modeling

WJH&A assists clients in determining thermal performance best practice designs to certifying thermal performance ratings on new or existing products. Our staff has gained the experience to become NFRC certified simulators. They work closely with NFRC accredited thermal test laboratories on simulation validation. Utilizing the most current software technology available, our experienced staff performs two dimensional thermal models on all types of fenestration cross sections to determine overall U-factors, SHGC, VT, and CR values. Our staff has the ability to perform R&D analysis, utilizing the component modeling approach CMA and utilize NFRC’s CMAST program to produce thermal performance values on design build construction projects or expedite the CMA process to receive a certified NFRC rated CMA certificate. We work direct with manufacturers of frames, IGU spacers, and glass and will consult with specifying authorities, test laboratories, Approved Calculation Entities (ACE), 3rd party validation Inspection Agencies (IA), NFRC and Accredited Simulation Laboratories (ASL).

Simulation Software: Therm 6.3, Window 6.3, Optics 5, CMAST

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