O'Hare Tower - Production Drafting

"WJH&A's capabilities, confidence, and conviction in every project they are involved in made them the clear cut choice to supply Pohl Inc. of America with a complete engineering package, including drafting and design requirements, that this complicated and prolific project required."

-Dennis C. Forsling
 Vice President of Operations
 Pohl Inc. of America

Guthrie Theater - Design

"The operable window turned out to be a great success. Its immense size and weight made the mechanical/functional aspects of the design extremely challenging. However, WJH&A’s capability to combine these challenges with the aesthetic elegance of the design appearance was truly amazing. To this day, (it) remains fully operational and completely weather-tight"

-John Pfeifer
 McGough Construction

West Bend Mutual - Forensic

"Your ability to bring subject matter expertise to the table without bringing stakeholders on the defensive was extremely constructive. In helping to establish solutions, your efforts remained focused on building performance and not placing blame. This very collaborative approach helped drive us to an effective conclusion that was acceptable to all."

-Randy Stark
 Director of Facilities

Larson Engineering -

"Larson Engineering has been using WJ Higgins for over 15 years and that is testament to their quality and service to their clients. Larson has full confidence that a project performed by Higgins will be completed accurately and professionally resulting in a successful project for all parties involved."

-Kevin J. Wisniewski, S.E., P.E.
 Curtain Wall Department Head