Production Drafting Services

With a wealth of knowledge acquired in the field and through up-to-date research, WJH&A is able to identify issues at the beginning of the project and create solutions to those issues at the drafting stage. This invaluable ability to find solutions prior to actual construction saves time and budgets.

Recognition of the building’s environmental expectations provides WJH&A with the guidance needed to produce shop drawings that maintain the design and structural integrity of the exterior envelope system and ensure optimum performance. In production drawings, WJH&A incorporates the surrounding substrates and interface materials at each tie-in point. They make detailed recommendations for all components, including fasteners, gaskets, and sealants that best create an opportunity for a successful exterior envelope system.

WJH&A’s experience allows them to predict the performance of the exterior wall and envelope during the review of architectural or contract drawings. While considering prevailing codes and regulations, WJH&A also factors geographic location (weather, wind load, and seismic conditions) into all aspects of design.

WJH&A also facilitates third-party testing of each exterior wall assembly to prove the validity of the design and the integrity of the materials.

Meticulous focus on the uninterrupted weather-resistant plane during the design phase results in priceless value with correct installation during construction.

Identifying potential problems at the drawing stage allows the construction team to proactively prevent or solve problems prior to installation saving time, saving money, and thus alleviating the need for field engineering and resultant delay. Also, WJH&A carries professional liability insurance.

Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation - Evanston, IL

Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation - Evanston, IL

A combination of punched window openings, ribbon windows & multi-story curtain wall.

The free-standing multi-story curtain wall utilized staggered horizontal spacing in a full glass facade to achieve the desired architectural aesthetics.

The house of worship achieved U.S. Green Building Counsel LEED platinum level.

Architect: Ross Barney & Jankowski