Forensic Services

W.J. Higgins & Associates, Inc., an independent, exterior wall design expert, understands the nuances in exterior wall construction that make the difference between performance success and failure.

With over twenty years of experience, W.J. Higgins & Associates, Inc. has the knowledge and expertise to:

WJH&A identifies the core of the problem and offers the most economical solutions for long-term success.

Building owners receive unbiased reports. As an independent consultant, free of manufacturer and contractor affiliations, WJH&A remains impartial when examining the wall. All recommendations are made in the owner’s best interest.

Field Investigation and Analysis - Not all buildings are built in conformance with the contract documents. WJH&A conducts thorough onsite investigations and comprehensive analysis to find the source of the problem. It is WJH&A’s goal to eliminate and correct the problem creating long-term, maintenance free solutions.

Identifying potential problems at the drawing stage allows the construction team to proactively prevent or solve problems prior to installation saving time, saving money, and thus alleviating the need for field engineering and resultant delay. Also, WJH&A carries professional liability insurance.

By examining the dynamics of climate, construction methods, materials and the integration of each component with the next, WJH&A develops customized solutions that:
To every exterior wall failure, there is an answer. WJH&A knows where to look to achieve optimum results.

Construction Consultation. Based on the custom-designed solution, WJH&A recommends and supervises subcontractors with outstanding reputations in their area of specialty. Working closely with the owner, manager and contractor, WJH&A develops schedules that have minimal disruption to existing tenants while maximizing the renovation budgets. All repairs are field tested to ensure the modified wall components and materials function as designed.

WJH&A’s attention to detail in the investigative, design and construction phase of each renovation project produces results that last for the life of the building. Working independently for the owner ensures the best results at the best price. And as always, we are focused on confidentiality.

W.J. Higgins & Associates, Inc. – Attention to detail at its best.

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