Consulting Services

Each building is unique, and each exterior wall and envelope system needs individualized attention to detail in order to provide the best long-term performance as the building carries out its intended functions with minimum maintenance.

WJH&A is the right choice for exterior envelope collaboration. WJH&A can proactively guide the drafting and collaboration of exterior wall assembly designs and construction for buildable, code-compliant, weather-resistive exterior envelope systems. WJH&A has the qualifications and experience to develop and deliver the exterior envelope detail to this end.

W.J. Higgins & Associates’ dedication to exterior envelope success at all levels makes them a valuable resource at all stages of construction.

Because of their understanding of the processes, materials, and conditions involved in the wall’s aesthetic and performance success, they are able to provide detailed, proactive pre-bid guidance.

The detailed shop drawings developed for pre-bid scope include expectations, product types, sequencing, responsibilities and other installation function details. This level of communication and collaboration helps identify and minimize potential areas of conflict during the bid and award process.

WJH&A’s conscientious collaboration and supply-side awareness allow efficient scheduling of sub-contractors’ functions and installations, helping avert construction delays. Close collaboration between the parties involved, balances the flow of information and materials to create reliable results.

W.J. Higgins & Associates works tirelessly to find the right solution for each installation challenge and recognizes a good solution on time has more value than a great answer late. From initial consultation to final testing, WJH&A is committed to each job and has never given up, regardless of circumstance. Their experience with the functions and schedules of all principals involved in the design and construction and supply process – owners, architects, contractors, suppliers, vendors – provide timely awareness of the building-critical information needed to ensure exterior wall and envelope performance and functional integrity.

Figge Art Museum - Davenport, IA

Figge Art Museum - Davenport, IA

Designed a low-cost, dual plane facade utilizing “industrial” type construction materials. Noteworthy is the “structure-free” 4,000 square foot Wintergarden Window opening and code-compliant glass copings.

Architect: Herbert Lewis Kruse & Blunck
Design Architect: David Chipperfield