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3D CAD Modeling

W.J. Higgins is a reliable source for 3D modeling services. W.J. Higgins architectural team can convert your design concepts, drawings and hand-drawn sketches into impressive 3D architectural models. We have the technical capabilities to create 3D modeling of building envelope assemblies of complex transitions and interfaces to various substrates. Using SolidWorks or AutoCad 3D CAD modeling, W.J. Higgins can create interior and exterior views of various conditions to illustrate the best means and methods on proper assembly and installation during building construction or renovation. Architectural 3D modeling allows a three dimensional view of installed building components that can represent a wall assembly and how it interfaces with the different fenestration components that create critical continuity of the water resistive barrier required for building code compliance. The models can be viewed from any direction and provide a clear visual understanding on how specific solutions are accomplished by proper means and methods.