...dedicated to the science that unites aesthetic purity, structural integrity and functionality... 715.848.8677 Photo Courtesy of City of Chicago O’Hare Airport, Chicago, Illinois Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis, Minnesota The W.J. Higgins Advantage As a preeminent source for rainscreen application technology in the United States, W.J. Higgins & Associates, Inc. collaborates with your team to ensure the kind of continuity that guarantees results. Their access to an extensive network of architects, consultants, engineers, technicians in the United States, Canada and Europe keeps them abreast of the latest industry developments worldwide. Get the Most from Your Budget W.J. Higgins’ experienced staff reviews your plans objectively and thoroughly to maximize dollar value and make sure essential systems are never compromised. It's a maxim that stands the test of time, and our track record proves it. They provide assistance throughout the construction process from coordinating third-party testing of wall systems before construction to periodic jobsite visits to post-construction follow-ups. The W.J. Higgins Vision As a quality assurance expert for an aluminum window manufacturer, founder Wes Higgins spent years investigating failing building exteriors. Traditional construction methods, he realized, provided no solution for this inherent problem. In 1988 while participating in a project incorporating European rainscreen technology, Wes discovered that this technology provided some of the solutions to the wall cavity problems he had encountered. This experience prompted further exploration of “healthy wall” solutions including the rainscreen principle. Recognizing the need for a resource for creating exterior walls with enhanced integrity and longevity, W.J. Higgins & Associates was created in 1994 to provide those design and collaboration services. An Eye on the Future Today, WJH&A continues its commitment to excellence. With direct access to current technological research and training from the most renowned window and cladding universities of Europe, forensic investigation experiences and information gained on-site at European and Canadian job sites, W.J. Higgins & Associates is at the forefront of technological developments, maintaining the expertise needed to design quality exterior wall assemblies that last the life of your building.